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Bone Grafting

Bone grafting essentially implies removing a bone piece from another part of the patient’s body (e.g. the hip) or jaw and transplanting it on the jawbone. Or, sometimes the surgeon may use an artificial bone to be placed in the area.

When is bone graft necessary?

Most dental bone graft procedures are effectuated in order to restore a bone to its former state after tooth loss, trauma or gum disease. Bone graft could also be utilized to preserve the bone structure following a tooth extraction.

This type of operation is used before a dental implant placement as well because it is necessary for the bone to be positioned correctly and to have the appropriate dimensions in order to achieve the desired results.

The types of bone grafts used by our periodontist in LA

Bone grafts fall in one of these categories:

  • Autograft: it is a bone used from the patient’s body;
  • Allograft: a bone from a genetically similar being;
  • Xenograft: a bone from a genetically different organism;
  • Synthetic: made from an artificial biocompatible material.

Bone graft for dental implants in LA

At the present, most cases in which bone grafting for dental implants is required consist of minimally invasive surgeries. Also, nowadays it is quite common for periodontists to use processed bone which has previously been harvested from other organisms, such as cows (xenografts).

The utilization of bovine bone for a graft material has been proved to deliver great results for a lot of years. And that is mostly because the human body can be biochemically fooled to recognize such a graft as its own, being able to resorb in time and then to replace it with the patient’s natural bone.

When considering having dental implant placement, the surgeon will most likely discuss with the patient one or a combination of different types of bone grafts. We invite you to contact our friendly staff for any further inquiries about bone grafting or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul Campbell.

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