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Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal surgery is the treatment of gum diseases which still may remain after the dentist has cleaned the patient’s teeth.

After having undergone certain treatments for any gum diseases, the patient might still have certain gum diseases which require periodontal surgery in order to treat the gums, as well as the surrounding bone and teeth.

Reasons why a periodontal surgery might be required

Our periodontist may prescribe periodontal surgery due to the reasons listed below:

  • In the case that the patient suffers from an advanced gum disease which cannot be cured by a non-surgical treatment
  • To replace or regenerate the tissue destroyed by gum disease. In this case, bone grafts and membranes are utilized to partially restore and reinforce the tooth support, which is called a guided tissue regeneration or a bone graft surgery
  • To recover the aesthetics or appearance of the gum line, known as a mucogingival surgery
  • To expose more of the structure of the teeth for dental restoration purposes, which is named a crown lengthening surgery

How is periodontal surgery performed by our periodontist?

A periodontal surgery is effectuated by our reputed periodontist in these following steps:

  • The patient is administered a local anesthetic injection which numbs the gum
  • The periodontist will make a cut around the gum edge and attentively lift the gum away from the teeth so that he can observe the tooth roots. This enables the doctor to remove more plaque and tartar
  • The operation then consists of the careful utilization of fine cleaning tools on the surfaces of the teeth
  • In certain cases, some portions of the gum will be removed in order to reshape it
  • The gum is replaced and held in place by using several stitches which will be removed later.

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