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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening represents an examination by our experienced periodontist to search for signs of cancer or precancerous indications in the patient’s oral cavity.

The objective of an oral cancer screening is the early detection of mouth cancer, when it is more likely to be cured.

Why undergo an oral cancer screening?

It is important for patients, especially those with a high risk of mouth cancer, to undergo an oral cancer screening in order for the doctor to be able to detect precancerous lesions or oral cancer at an early stage.

Factors which may increase the risk of mouth cancer may be comprised of:

  • Previous mouth cancer diagnosis
  • Prolonged sunlight exposure, which increases the risk of lip cancer
  • The use of all types of tobacco, such as cigars, pipes, cigarettes and other tobacco products
  • The heavy drinking of alcohol

How is oral cancer screening performed?

An oral cancer screening is performed by following these main steps:

  • Examination of the tongue: the tongue is examined for any white and red patches and it is checked for any lumps
  • Checking the lips and cheeks: they are examined for any lumps, as well as for any white or red areas
  • Floor mouth examination: the floor of the mouth is examined for any lumps and white and red patches at the same time
  • Checking the palate: the mouth palate is checked for lumps and soft areas, as well as for white and red patches
  • Examination of the neck: the neck is palpated for enlarged lymph nodes, which could indicate an infection or something more severe
  • Tonsil examination: by using a dental mirror, the doctor examines the tonsils for enlargement, symmetry, unusual bumps or redness

If you would like to undergo an oral cancer screening, or if you have any other issues with your teeth, gums and oral cavity, please get in touch with us.

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