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Gum/Tissue Grafting

Gum/tissue grafting is a procedure which is required when the patient has a receding gum line that has exposed the tooth root. Gum/tissue grafting is also utilized to prevent gum recession if a patient has a high risk of a recession occurring.

This type of operation represents a common procedure meant to regenerate the gum line and to avoid additional gum deterioration.

Types of gum/tissue grafts performed by our periodontist in LA

Generally, there are three different types of gum/tissue grafts which are performed by our reputed periodontist:

  • Connective-tissue grafts: it represents the most common procedure to treat the exposure of tooth roots. This operation involves harvesting a flap of skin from the palate (the mouth roof) and tissue from underneath the flap and then stitching it on the gum tissue around the exposed root. After harvesting the graft, the palatal flap is stitched back.
  • Free gingival grafts: pretty much the same as the connective-tissue grafts, this type of graft consists of utilizing the tissue from the palate. However, instead of performing a flap, a small tissue is extracted directly from the palate and then attached on the gum that is treated.
  • Pedicle grafts: the tissue is grafted from the gum surrounding or next to the tooth which needs the treatment.

Post op instructions recommended by our LA periodontist

Subject to the type of anesthetic utilized for the gum/tissue grafting procedure, you may or may not be recommended to drive home after such an operation.

There could be certain foods and drinks which you might have to avoid after the procedure.

Our periodontist will make sure to offer you all the necessary aftercare instructions before leaving our office.

If you need to undergo a gum/tissue grafting procedure, we invite you to get in touch with Dr. Campbell.

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